How to Livestream Through Glass

While Glass Explorers are able to record video, take pictures and Google Hangout with friends, the device does not (yet) have an app that allows users to livestream, in this case known as Ustream, their surroundings. For the past day, I have been trying to hack a way to use my Google Glass to Ustream my experiences abroad.

Currently, there is little online documentation on how to to get Ustream up and running on Glass but I knew it was possible  because Vice journalist, Tim Pool, has done it.

After much research, I am sad to say that I am not able to get Ustream up and running without hacking Glass settings, which various users have documented that doing this ruins the sound functionality of your Glass. I feel that losing this functionality would deeply impact people’s first experience with Glass and so I am not going to hack the settings but will give you all the documentation to do so if you wish:

For anyone who has never done any Android Development on a Mac:

  • Go to this site and go through each step to set up your Mac with the Android SDK and Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to allow it to load any non-native apps to sync with your Glass.

 Glass Setup:

  1. Connect Glass to your computer
  2. In Glass turn on Debug Mode
    a. Scroll and select the settings card.
    b. Scroll and select the “Device Info” card.
    c. Scroll over one to “Turn on debug” and tap on it.
  3.  Open Terminal
    $ cd Desktop/
    $ cd Android/
    $ adb devices
  4.  The serial number of your Glass should now appear. If the number does not appear, refer back this link to get your SDK and ADB correctly setup.
  5. Download Ustream APK at this link onto your computer
  6. Go into Terminal and install the Ustream APK onto Glass:
    $ adb install ~/Downloads/tv.ustream.ustream.v2.5.2.apk
  7.  Tap on Glass to load the “Ok Glass” screen
  8.  In terminal type:
    $ adb shell am start tv.ustream.ustream/.Launcher
  9.  Ustream should now load onto Glass

In order to get Ustream working, you need to hack a blue-tooth wireless keyboard (i.e. BluePutDroid) on Glass to input your credentials. Go to this page and scroll to the “Connecting a Keyboard” section for instructions on how to do this.
*Warning: this WILL mess up the sound on Glass*

I am sad that I will not be able to Ustream experiences from my Glass camera but will use my Android to Ustream while wearing Glass. Here is the link to my channel. Stay tuned for these updates 🙂


  • Sideloading the Ustream app should not harm your sound. Mine works fine now, sorry I haven’t updated the post you liked to on my blog. That was several months ago and several versions of the Glass OS ago, as well. I haven’t streamed live in almost as long though because the quality of video just isn’t that great. Also, there is the battery drain. So, I don’t think you’re missing much. I’m not sure if Tim is happy with the quality or maybe he’s got other hacks he’s done. I didn’t think to ask him about the quality of his stuff when I met him a couple months back.

    • sophiaedm (Author)

      Good to know! Couldn’t find anyone who had updated this information and did not want to risk ruining sound. Will try this once I am in Europe!

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